Adolescent Health


Adolescent Health

Wallsend Healthcare Adolescent Health Services ensure and improve the mental and physical health of young people.
We offer a wide range of services that meet the needs of Adolescents so they can grow up to be healthy, happy adults.

Wallsendhealthcare Adolescent Healthcare Services Includes


Ideas to Live a Healthy Life

Get ready to be inspired by the advice of our experts on how to live a healthy life! We'll show you how to be in the best shape possible, from tasty eating tips to exciting exercise ideas.


Skin Care and Management

Our Skin Problem Management can permanently solve your skin issues. We directly treat acne, warts, eczema, and psoriasis. This boosts confidence and skin health.


Mental Health Issues

Our skilled independent Wallsend doctors help mental health patients. We're here to listen and give emotional support if they're experiencing difficulties with schoolwork, getting along with others, bullying, depression, or anxiety.


Prevention from High-Risk Activities

Talk about high-risk activities like smoking, drug use, and drinking. We believe in educating youth to make smart decisions and avoid danger.


Reproductive Health Advice & Vitality

To ensure a happy and healthy adulthood. We can help with birth control, sexuality acceptance, and healthy relationships. HIV/AIDS tests? We're reliable!

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