General Medicine


General Medicine

Wallsend Healthcare is also the general medicine centre. We treat patients of all ages and genders and offer a wide variety of advanced medical services. Our Wallsend Medical Practice mission is the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all diseases.

Why Choose Us


We know how important it is to have a doctor who knows about your medical background.


We have a team of highly trained medical experts on call to make sure you keep getting the best care possible.


We'll take care of your long-term health. We can give you the best health care we can if we all work together.


We put a lot of importance on personalised service, so none of your needs will be forgotten.


We always go above and beyond to make you feel like you're getting the care you deserve.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

We are happy to be an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-friendly medical centre as part of our commitment to diversity and cultural awareness.

Coordinated Services For Aboriginal Community

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