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Affect of Domestic Violence on children’s mental health

Domestic violence among children has become a serious concern today. Domestic violence
includes physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, or sexual abuse. Domestic violence has
long-lasting and serious effects on children’s mental health.
Even though awareness and education rates are increasing, domestic violence is not seen as a

Reasons for domestic violence:

A lot of reasons contribute to this behavior. Financial instability, financial dependence,
unemployment, stress, anxiety, abusive past, abuse of alcohol and drugs, gender inequalities, work
Load and shame to get help are a few of the causes of domestic violence.
At a young age, children are sensitive to surrounding stimuli, and these things contribute
to their learning, that’s why the environment at home and school plays a vital role in the upbringing of
a child.

Effects on Children’s Health:

In most cases, children are the unintended victims. Side effects can be psychological.
emotional or behavioral.

Psychological effects

Children due to domestic violence can develop stress, fear, instability, nightmares, and
flashbacks. The victim’s sense of safety and trust can be shattered in this condition, as a result of which
They find it difficult to develop healthy relationships in the future, and they might not try to seek help.
due to fear.

Emotional effects

Children might blame themselves for the cause of abuse and can develop feelings like guilt.
shame, depression, and lower self-esteem. Children under abuse can also develop self-destructive
behavior, if it’s not dealt with in a timely manner.

Behavioral effects

Children might become aggressive at home or at school. They can turn into bullies just to hide
their own issues and to fit into the environment, and this behavior can become permanent when
they grow up. Children can struggle academically because they can’t concentrate on their studies.
and tasks due to their mental health.

These things not only destroy their childhood but also affect their adult lives in serious ways. If not
treated, it can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder( PTSD), substance abuse, stress, and depression.
Post-traumatic stress disorder( PTSD).

People with PTSD can have unstable work and personal lives. They find it difficult to maintain.
stable employment and relationships. They can experience social withdrawal and isolation.
Domestic violence is a very sensitive matter, and it should be addressed in a very sensitive way.

How to address domestic violence?

In order to address this, its root cause should be highlighted and dealt with. A lot of work is being done.
done to deal with this issue. Governments around the world have criminalized domestic violence with
very strong punishments for perpetrators. There are various shelters and hotlines with trained
professionals who provide counseling, support, and advice to the victims.

Create awareness

A lot of efforts are being made to create awareness among the public regarding this matter. This is being done through
community programs, sessions for children in schools, and through media campaigns. Through these
programs, we cannot only help victims but also offenders because they can be deeply rooted in the
oppressor’s brains due to traumatic pasts, and only through these programs can they learn to get help.


From a therapist, and therapy is one of the main ways to help reduce this behavior.
It sounds easy, but it’s not that simple, especially in the case of children, because they are
dependent on their family members, and in many cases, those family members are abusers.

Family relationships:

Children should be encouraged to speak up about their issues. Strong relationships with some
adults in the family or even in school so that children know who to trust with such sensitive matters.
Other than the community, teachers and doctors can play a vital role in identifying a case of abuse. It

Awareness at school

It is the duty of a doctor and a teacher to report any such issue to the concerned bodies. Children
should be taught in school about healthy relationships, boundaries, good and bad touch, etc.

Children’s Health Program by Wallsend Healthcare

At Wallsend Healthcare, we give great importance to the physical as well as mental health of
children, and we try to identify any such case at the earliest. We have a team of well-trained doctors.
who are working tirelessly to eradicate such evils? In addition to providing standard medical care, Wallsend Healthcare is participating in community
programs. We engage people in our various events, like workshops, to promote awareness regarding
mental and physical health.

Final Verdicts

Domestic violence is a great evil that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. All of the victims
should have access to support services. There should be even more strict laws for offenders. All of
This needs to be done because children are our future, and if they are exposed to such an atmosphere,
it may have a lasting effect on their personality.

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