Children’s Health


Children’s Health

Wallsend Healthcare wants to make Australian childrens strong and healthy. We are here to treat and immunize the next generation of Australians. Take this opportunity to guarantee the safety of your children's health. Wallsend Healthcare cares about your child's health and safety and offers a series of child health examinations. These examinations are set to coincide with important immunisation milestones.

These immunisations follow the highly praised NSW Personal Health Record, also called the "Blue Book."

Every child needs a healthy start in life, which is why we offer a full range of health exams that are right for their age.

1–4-Week Check

At just 1 to 4 weeks old, we'll carry out a thorough check to ensure your child's well-being.

6 to 8 weeks Check

Around 6 to 8 weeks, we will perform another comprehensive assessment. But we'll also administer the essential immunisations to shield your child from preventable diseases.

6 months Check

Monitoring Growth When your child reaches 6 months, we'll conduct another checkup and provide the necessary immunisations to fortify their immune system.and Development

12-month Check

A crucial 12-month check and vital immunisations will be performed to keep your child on the path to optimal health.

18 months Check

At 18 months, we'll assess their development and administer immunisations to boost their defense.

2 Year Check

The 2-year check is a milestone we won't miss, ensuring your child is growing and developing as they should.

3 Year Check

When they turn 3, we'll conduct another assessment to ensure all is well.

4 Year Check

Around the age of 4, we thoroughly examine a child's overall health and growth.

Healthy Kids Check At WallsendHealthcare

This special examination goes further than a regular health checkup. It's a chance to talk to the best child's paediatrician about how you can help children and succeed by encouraging good habits and taking preventive steps. Our goal is to find any health problems, delays in development, or other things that could hurt your child's good growth as soon as possible.

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