Flu Vaccinations

Your Shield of Protection

Best Flu Vaccination Clinic

Wallsend Healthcare Vaccination Clinic offers vaccinations to safeguard against various diseases. Health is very important, so our medical centre offers many on-site injections and immunisations. Have faith that we will keep you safe from any coming virus, because we've got you covered. (If patients have been prescribed non-eligible vaccinations, we kindly suggest that they purchase them in advance.)

We Cover All Vaccinations Throughout the Life Cycle

Baby and Childhood Immunisations

 Ensuring our little superheroes get a healthy head start, as per the NSW Immunisation Schedule.

Annual Influenza Vaccination

(free for eligible patients).

Pneumococcal Vaccinations

(free for eligible patients).

Vitamin B12 Injections

Unleash the power of B12 for enhanced energy and well-being.


Trust our expert administration of this medication for your therapeutic needs.

Iron Infusions

Regain your strength with our iron infusion superheroes.

Depot Contraception

A reliable guardian in family planning.

Depot Antipsychotics

Supporting mental well-being with care and precision.

Hepatitis B

Safeguarding you from this infectious menace.


Strengthening your defenses against tetanus-related threats.

Whooping Cough

Shielding you from this pertussis peril.


Fortifying you against the typhoid menace.

At our Vaccination Clinic, your well-being is our mission. So come, join our league of health defenders, and let's conquer illness together. Take the first step towards a healthier future and make an appointment today. Your shield of protection awaits!