WorkCover Injury Assessments


WorkCover injury assessments

Wallsend Healthcare is there for you as you make your way back to health. Our trained, experienced, and knowledgeable medical staff will conduct thorough pre-employment and on-the-job physical examinations to put your health and safety first.

Worker's Compensation & Third Party Consultations

We're here to help you evaluate, diagnose, and effectively manage any workplace injuries or illnesses that may happen. Our Worker's Compensation and Third Party consultations are designed to cater to your unique needs, prioritising your recovery journey.

Wallsend HealthCare Supportive Services


Triage of Injuries

Swift and accurate triage ensures that you receive the timely attention you deserve.


Work Capacity Assessment

We evaluate your work capacity, considering your specific circumstances.


Open Communication

Seamless communication with your employer, insurance companies, case managers, and rehabilitation providers ensures a collaborative approach to your recovery.


Work-Related Illness or Injury Management

Trust us to manage your work-related illness or injury with expertise and compassion.


WorkCover Certificates

Receive the necessary WorkCover certificates, simplifying the process for you and your employer.


A Speedy Return to Pre-Injury Duties

Our primary aim is to expedite your recovery journey, enabling you to return to your pre-injury duties in the shortest possible time.

Your Well-Being, Our Priority

Worker’s Compensation consultations are billed at WorkCover approved rates.